I was sitting with my daughter the other day at yet one more doctor appointment reading the 1000th magazine this year… (I can’t complain about the magazine’s because I LOVE LOVE magazines!) Especially on this day, this magazine had a article for moms and daughters about body image… I felt like a knife had been stuck right in my heart. I am open with Minnie about her body, when we find clothes that fit her body I tell her things like, “this will be the perfect back for your wedding dress”. I know what you are thinking “she is nine Rach why would you even think about a wedding dress…” I always want Minnie to be confidant in the fact that she is Beautiful. The war her body has gone through has made her even more so. I want to give her tools to ease the heart ache that she will inevitably face someday. That is why I think of wedding dresses, prom dresses, bra shopping… and why we talk about it now. But when I came across this article I was scared I was full of fear that she was going to say hated her body. You know what she said…

Mommy I am in awe of my body. Who else has a body who goes through what mine does and it still works?

My mommy heart broke, it was singing and it was dancing all at one time… I can’t tell you the many emotions I felt.

Awe: An overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, fear, etc., produced by that which is grand, sublime, extremely powerful, or the like: in awe of God;

Awe is the perfect word for Minnie’s little body… reverence, for what it has done and will do. admiration for what is has endured. Fear of the unknown. Produced by the most Grand Creator who is extremely powerful. I am in Awe not only of my daughter but of our Lord for making someone so complex that she has rocked the medical world so that there is no question who is her Healer.