Butt hurt… Why do we say this? Heart hurt… Mind hurt…. Soul hurt… Feelings hurt…There are so many other things that we could say that really would express how we really feel. I am a wimp.  I tend to take little things that people say to me right to my soul and carry them with me FOREVER. Really, I never let them go. I will talk to myself over, and over, and over again for a thousand years.  Most of the time whom ever said the “whatever” will never know. Sometimes I am brave, and will tell the someone about the “whatever”. But that does not make the “whatever” go away, I still carry it.  I hate this about myself. I really do. It is one of the ugliest parts of my soul.  I wish I could be more like the Lord, where we can ask for forgiveness and he throws the “whatever’s” as far as the east and the west.  He never brings up the past “whatevers”.  How do I change this ugly part of me? I have been trying for a really long time. I will keep praying.