Hello There Family and friends…. Normally we began our weekend on Thursday night because Josh has Friday’s off. This Thursday I took the kiddo’s to the school science fair where they seemed to have a good time being “Free Range Children” while I took some photo’s for the school year book.  On Friday Josh went to school with the kids to be a Watch DOG. Watch DOGs is a program for men to be a present on the school campus in hopes of reducing violence in the school’s.  I will ask Josh to post more about this program…. So anyway, Y’all know how it goes, he is Man of the year because he went to spend a day at the school.  Well while he was SACRIFICING  his day I thought it was only fair that I should do the same and go down town for some much needed “retail therapy”…. I hit EVERY thrift store, EVERY boutique, EVERY cute place I thought I might get “therapy” in.  But that was not good enough.  Guess what I bought…..


That’s right nothing else “fit”.  He is so cute his name is Hemingway, The reason we named him this is because he has 8 toes on one foot and 6 on the other… Ernest Hemingway was the first known to have a cat like ours.  Still to this day living in Hemmingway’s mansion there are more like our new cat. You can read about the story here. We stayed home for the most of the weekend, we had friends over for dinner on Friday,  on Saturday we went downtown again and found a farmers market!!!!   Yahhh!!!!   They sell local veggies and meat…. Sunday We went to Church and then on the way home we stopped and had…. GLUTEN FREE AND DAIRY FREE PIZZA!!!! TEXAS IS SO AMAZING!! GOD REALLY DOES LIVE RIGHT OVER TEXAS!!! I DO BELIEVE IT!!!!!

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