Well we have been of grid for awhile… I have spent so much of my time working on my blog design that my family thinks I have forgot to cook, clean, or do laundry. I have been searching high and low for the “perfect blog theme” and never was totally happy. I think that your blog really reflects who you are…. Those of you who know me creating what is around me is vital to who I am. All I can say is…. my poor hubby I have not baked in weeks! When I begun designing our new site I tried many programs wanting the easy way out.I am sure y’all have heard “if it is too good to be true… it probably is…” So I had to, as my friend Lindsey would put it, “put my big girl panties on and find a way… ” That road was waaaay longer than I ever thought possible. But I have FINALLY finished and am so super excited about our new “digital home”.

I know everyone is super anxious to hear how our Minnie girl is doing…

I am sure each time I look at her that I have seen a modern day miracle. I know that sounds completely cliche, but there is no other way to explain how miraculous she is. She is running and swimming and biking… She is laughing and singing and dancing… She is a true example of the Lords work. We as a family are in complete awe of Him, I can not begin to explain the JOY that we are given each day.

I hope that prayers are still being sent Minnie’s way, each day is a new adventurer for her. Some days she hurts so super bad and some days she is just perfect. But really each day is a true blessing and we are all thankful!

I am planning on blogging about “Mighty Minnie” on Monday’s… Those of you who are her prayer warriors thank you! And Please join us on Mondays, I will post updates and pictures… And she plans on writing a little too!
This Thursday she gets Braces!!! Can you believe it! Just yesterday she was a baby.

Stay tuned Rogers Family Blog has a ton in store… I just know that God has led us to blog to strengthen and heal us.

With love and gratitude…

The Rogers