Hospital land, a land where every day seems to collided with the next. I feel as though I am Alice and I have fallen down a bunny hole.  I am frighten, I can not find my way back to my Castle. I feel broken, when I fell down that bunny hole my heart was shattered. I left piece’s of it behind as I walked into this Land.  This Land is beautiful, I am trying to keep my eyes open I don’t want to miss a thing.

The king of my Castle is strong, he is a warrior. He is keeping the pieces of my heart safe. The King is tender with our prince. and has treated the princess like a rare jewel, she know she is valuable.  The king of my Castle is teaching me how to have grace, trust, and respect.  And without even knowing it he made me a Queen.

I left our Prince at my Castle, his life has begun to change from moment to moment yet he has learned to accept and keep going. He has become a Knight… He has placed on an armor and has been fighting this battle not in sacrifice. This prince has a heart of compassion and it is so soft when he see’s the princess in pain. He is getting a voice like a lion and is learning when he can use it. Our prince has grown up in a wink,  I have missed so much… That piece of my broken heart will never repair.

In this land there is a princess, when she arrived she brought with her a special way of making things grow. She was like a bright red rose flinging through out the wind like a flash of color, bringing joy to all.  She has many protectors that go into battle for her. They fight endless  hours and countless days trying to deliver her safely back to the Castle. The Princess has many warriors that fight on their knees for her. They have grown to adore her as they watch her grow stronger.

I once was just a pile of thorns, then along came my King, my prince and my princess. I never would have have had life grow up through the pile of thorns if I would not have taken time to watch my little family grow. To let each one of them bloom into who God had intend on them being. To step back and enjoy the special way he created them. I could not be Queen if I did not learn from each one of the mistakes I have made while loving the King of my Castle and my prince and princess.


If my family takes away one thing in life… I want it to be this…..They are valuable… not only to me but to our Lord…If I accomplish this I will be a blessed mommy…