If you all can remember my disaster with the chicken hatching “science” project you will understand why I had tears running down my checks. But really this thanksgiving call out is to my Gram! Who so lovingly went along with “lets get chickens Gram” and then a coop went up (in her back yard) and we filled it with chickens, and then the Rogers fled the state! Understandably after the disaster and chicken massacre. We are so thankful for the experience that the kids received even the death of the 11 eggs the drowning of the only hatched baby chick, the death of 3 baby chicks from the pet store. And the Joy of the one that made it even if she was a Cornish game hen! The friendship made from the egg provider and then the chick provider, showing that mama chickens are the best incubators ever. And then the Marvel that eggs really do come from chickens and that they could collect them and then have breakfast. I can tell y’all that my gram and I have never laugh as much as we did during this chicken experience.

I think that this thanksgiving we are Thankful that we did not try to “raise” Turkeys! I know that all the possible baby Turkeys are thankful… The video below is so worth watching it will make you smile and who does not like to smile!

Below I am going to update our new friends on the past chicken life, and give the rest of you one more chance at a good laugh on The Rogers Behalf…..

City Girl seeks guidance, friend’s required ASAP
Maybe she was not made out to be a chicken farmer. She requires an intervention. Where are her friends when she needs them? When you become available please responded in a timely manner and quick chicken’s are dropping like flies around here. You all know who you are; shame can not keep you away, just pick up the phone and dial, better yet drive and drive fast poultry eaters every where are
depending on you!

Help City Chick Needs You!

Friends there I have some bad news…. I am here to inform you that due to my complete incompetence in chicken farming, Josh has had to make the most regretful decision; he is leaving me, for Henrietta the Hen. He is well aware that he is now going to lead a life of only eggs and some chicken scratch. But he will not have to look at a chicken killer any longer. Just look at how happy they are together, how can I compete?
As you can see this is why it is better to be a Turkey this year instead of a chicken. At least at my house only one life will be taken!

"The Other Chick"

Happy Thanksgiving,

Love The Rogers…. Retired Chicken Farmers