I am like the third little pig who built his house out of bricks… It is easier to put up a brick wall and keep it up then to blow it down Right? I know this is something the Lord wants me to work on but it is the hardest thing for me to do. Let people in and keep them there. I have let people in but after a while I kick them out… I have issues I understand, I just am not sure what to do to fix them. I was on the phone briefly today with Minnie’s Sunday school teacher and I told her the same thing… I think the problem is, and this might just be my cop out… but really, I think I am trying to protect my heart from making more friends to just up and move to a new state and have yet more “phone” friends.

Now don’t get me wrong my bestest friend and I are going to solve all the worlds problems each and everyday on the phone. REALLY we are. I just know if the president would call us the USA would be better off!!!! I swear we have it all figured out. I absolutely love my social phone life I would not have survived this last 10 years with out it!! I am not kidding with out my social phone life, my house would not be clean, the laundry would not be done, dishes would be dirty, and I would be a very sad and lonely housewife! This is a sad but true fact of my life….

Lucky for me God blessed me with Josh who is the most amazing hubby best friend in the world. Who I love to spend time with. Sometimes I think back to being 12 and meeting him and I feel like I have no begining without him.  I think about every Wednesday night at Church… winter retreats…date nights at DQ in the old jeep..his goofy grin…purple hair…Or him and his friends sneaking into the 8th grade dance…. Or him taking me to homecoming…. or the first time we held hands…. our first kiss… the night he proposed…. our wedding day… our honeymoon… then moving to Portland…. then Tyler…. then moving home…. then Minnie…. then moving to Washington… then moving to Texas and now.

I know I can let people in I did it in Washington and made the most amazing connection and a best friend for life.   I let people in in Medford and the women there will always be my guiding light home. Now Texas I have to let them in and keep them….

Lord show me how to be the right kind of friend, thank you for my neighbors without them I would be lost, help me show you to them in a real way each day.