Wait a second… I moved south? But there are all kinds of interesting wildlife here (besides the women of TV of course)

They’ve got wild hogs, stick bugs, asps, armadillos, and all kinds of wildflowers in Texas.  Its no secret that I’m a big fan of birds of prey though.  Take a look at what perched on our neighbors house recently:

I wish there was something near him to give you a reference.  I think he stood about 2 feet tall.

Then there are the beautiful flowers that Rachel enjoy’s photographing:

And this one is a cactus bloom:

Of course Ty and Minnie are fearless when it comes to bugs, spiders, slimys and squigglies.  Doesn’t help that they encourage this sort of behavior at school in the name of ‘learning’.  pft.

Minnie recently found a catepillar and nursed it until it was ready to cacoon. When she finally came out, she wasn’t what we expected, but we were floored by her beauty anyhow.

And saving the best for last.  The kids get so excited over this stuff, you can’t get away with walking past things like these w/out taking a picture!

This guy should have played more frogger:

See if you can do any better than this guy!