Ten things I find to be true. You I am sure would have a completely different list, this is what makes each of us amazingly unique and why we find reasons to build relationships.

God is Faithful, I know this to be true I find it evident in each moment of my life. From the food on my table to the beating hearts of my children. He has proven to walk with with us and before us. He is Faithful

Crafting Cleanses my soul, as an artist spirit I will tell you I have a need to craft. I had the biggest fear of “art” as a young woman afraid that I would do it wrong. The single best thing I ever learned about art is… There are no mistakes in art. This single phrase gave me permission to create with out fear. Now I take refuge in my craft time.

Worshiping has changed who I am, Make Joy full noise! I do… I totally rock out and I feel great. I need to worship just because we all were not made with voices of Marya Carey dose not mean we were not meant to sing. My son thinks my voice is beautiful and if he dose think how much more the Lord does! It is freeing to let it out so Sing!!!

It is a blessing to have friends around the world. Some would think that life would be lonely not having all of your friends in the town you live in. Thank God for social Media and cell phones! But really I have friends around the globe. When I need prayer and fast! The prayer warriors are going around the globe! When I go on a trip I can hit 10 states and see people I love along the way. I would say blessings come with friends being spread around.

Being confident will change my life, this I know to be true and I work so hard on doing. I wish to say I walk around with ease and confidence but it is hard. My life goal is to be the kind of woman who is confidently beautiful and beautifully confidant. I pray that I am able to find myself and learn to strut!

Choosing to fall in the with the same man over and over is LOVE. Love is an action word, I actively love Josh with my whole being. I choose each day to fall in love with him again and again. This is a choice, I happily make I am blessed beyond measure.

I see the world different through my camera. I see things in moments. I see a glimmers and glances. I see the happiest and some of the saddest days in peoples life’s. My camera has captured life has given life back my camera is a tool that has taught me to see the world as a better place.

I am more than my child’s disability. I learned this from a friend, I never though about it before but I am. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a niece, a friend. I am a mom to a “normal” child who is often forgotten. I am a artist. I am a teacher. I am a woman. I love being Minnie’s Mom but I also love being these other things as well.

The more I teach,the more I learn. I home school my son Ty, each day I am teaching I learn so much. I also teach US Citizenship. I have to teach many skills to internationals so they can get their US Citizenship. I am learning every class with them things that I should probably know.

To live simple is to live full. I fully believe that the more simple your life is the fuller your life is. We have lived with out a TV for two years now. We spend so much family time, this on simple act has made our life so full.

I encourage you all to sit and write ten thing that you know to be true to you. This has been such interesting blog for me. I bet you would love this!