…Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.

Matthew 13:46

I need to remember this… Everyday that Jesus Christ sold himself, every bit of himself for me. He sold every bit of himself for you too..

Amazing Right!

I have a tenancy to forget the power of Jesus. I have been in the need for grace lately… You know what that means… Mama’s been Grumpy… As I toss and turn in bed, speed down the street. or cringe as I sit at the table. I keep asking the Lord to get me through one more day. I hate this, I want to be one of those sweet Target mama’s, who are always smiling! Not… A Wal- Mart Mom , who are always screaming at their kids as they run down the aisle like wild banjes! I want to look at my kids with love at the end of each day, not with relief that it is final time for bed. Even the sweetest child can push a mama’s buttons to the very brink. This is real life, if my kids did not bicker then they would never learn how to deal with conflict in their future relationships. Thank God I don’t have to be the referee when they get married! But in all seriousness I am thankful that at the end of each day I can go to the Lord and ask him for the grace to get me through what ever store I might go to that day!