Time really does fly, my boy is nine. half way to being able to serve our country.  I am in disbelief part because he seems like just yesterday I was afraid for any of y’all to touch him… ya remember that, the crazy twenty year old girl who thought if you looked at him, you might take him?  You would of thought that when he was the little guy who was screaming 18 hours a day is when I would of been calling and asking y’all to come and get him. But in all of my wisdom I wait until now when he can wipe his own… well you know. He only cries if I give him a real good reason for the most part.  He feeds himself. Really if I wanted him to he could feed me too. So why do moms wait until their kids are all grown up to send them away?  Or was I just the only neurotic twenty something who thought everyone wanted their little bundle of screaming joy?

We took TY to San Antonio on Saturday for his Birthday Celebration Day, we went to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museum, Guinness World Records, a haunted house and The Alamo.  After we did all of those things we were headed to a special dinner at a place called “Magic Time Machine” but before we were going any where else we went and had a visit with Big Mema.  It was a nice visit, she was sleepy and cold so we did not get to visit for very long but we will go back soon.

When you have a birthday at our house we always have muffins for breakfast so we can start the day singing Happy Birthday,  Ty wanted me to make a “big” cookie to take to school for the treat to share with his classmates so that is what I did of course! and to finish off the night he requested ice cream with nerds…. He got a bow from his Daddy, he was very excited about that, a bunch of books from Mommy and a video game from his sister.  He asked for meat and brussel sprouts for dinner.  He said at the end of the night that he did not know birthdays could be so great.   I was just so thankful that the Lord worked everything out so we were all home and together. And that he felt like the prince he is. I hope you enjoy being brought into his day we wish you could of been here with us, but this will have to do for now… We love you.

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The last photo is my first apron, I made it for Mama- Mema I hope you like it, I will get it in the mail soon….