I was presented with a question this morning on my new found southern speech. The question is how do we spell Y’all, because every one seems to have there own way to spell it.  But if Y’all must know, I researched this dilemma way before the question was ever asked. I was afraid I would look like an “uninformed Texan”, and well if Y’all know anything about Texans, we are full of one thing. And that is PRIDE! Below you will find the information you need to know and we will have this right once and for all Y’all!


From Wikipedia:

The Florence Y’all Water Tower in Florence, Kentucky. The sign was changed from “FLORENCE MALL” to solve a temporary legal issue with the intent to change it back soon afterward, but instead became an attraction in its own right.

Yall, sometimes spelled as “Ya’ll“, “Yawl“, or “Yaw“, and archaically spelled “You-all’“, is a fused grammaticalization of the phrase “you all”. It is used primarily as a plural second-person pronoun, and less often as a singular second-person pronoun. Commonly believed to have originated in the Southern United States, it is primarily associated with Southern American English, African American Vernacular English, some dialects of the Western United States and also Sri Lankan English.[1]