By Josh Snodgrass

In a death defying feat, Ty Andretti, age 10, raced straight down a Texas sized mountain beside the famed RMH raceway in Dallas, TX today.   Ty is the long lost nephew to Mario Andretti‘s dog walker.  While Andretti wasn’t his original surname, Ty was able to convince the otherwise staunch courts of San Francisco to allow him to change his name, at a ginger age of 5.

Ty Andretti Makes His Move

Compelled by his not so direct relation to a racing family dynasty, Ty attempted what no other tricycle rider has ever attempted; to race down RMH mountain and cross the raceway at a speed exceeding 2 fps.  After a long trek to the top, and with the encouragement of some racing friends, Ty began to peddle and less than a quarter way down the mountain he was at full speed.  Experts estimate he came just shy of 3 fps.  Lookers on stopped breathing as it looked like Ty was about to do the impossible.  As he reached the bottom of the mountain, the silence was broken by shrieking gasps and hollering from the spectators.  The front wheel of the Radio Flyer Deluxe Trike had began to wobble violently, and Ty lost control as the trike flipped over, and rolled underneath his body.  Fortunately, Ty broke the fall with his face, and after an agonizing 2 seconds of stillness, Ty stood up and waived to the crowd, letting them know that he was OK.

Ty is expected to make a full recovery, and is undergoing Wii therapy at this very moment.  It is unclear whether Ty will make another attempt or not.  This reporter, for one, hopes that he does not.  Some things are just too dangerous and should not be attempted, I don’t have the stomach for this kind of risk, and if he decides to make another attempt, I won’t be there to watch next time.

Josh Snodgrass has been a journalist for RFB for over 11 years, and has reported on RMH recreational activities in Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Dallas.  Now based in Austin, he is senior editor for RFB, a leader in reporting Rogers Family News online.  Before joining RFB, he didn’t do anything particularly interesting, so its a good thing he landed this job.