I know that this is a little late getting out, but we have had a busy few weeks here in the Rogers neighborhood.  I still wanted to share with Y’all all of the fun things we have been doing this year!!!  The first was bringing in the new year with the Brune’s.  ( Troy, Jill, and Meg, the boys were in Medford) We have been so blessed by the friendship that the Lord has given us with this family. For those of you that do not know the Brune’s lived in our home town of Medford, Or. and have been long time friends of ours.  Jill called me the day that there house closed here in Texas to share there exciting news, it just happened to be the same day Josh accepted his new job with Time Warner.  We moved here within two weeks of each other and now live around 10 miles from each other. God had a plan from the day I walked into her little store in Medford and sparked our friendship, to our families going to church together, and now kicking up the dust here in Texas!  WE ARE BLESSED!

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