Well, the ‘insomniacs-r-us’ house was up before 0500 this morning for surgery. Took some time to get checked in and rolling, and even longer to see our girl after surgery, but time passed much quicker with the company of my Aunt Rosie, and our new friend from FBCRR, Melva.

I bet Ty enjoyed sleeping in, and later hanging out with Uncle Darrel, and finally getting out of quarantine.

Dr. Williams commented that the surgery went ‘really well’, and I’m both surprised and impressed that he was able to remove the rod with two smaller incisions at each end, rather than one the length of the rod.

Minnie had a rough time waking up and felt rather emotional, which is a relatively common side effect of the drugs given during surgery (I’ve gone under twice, and was a basket case both times) She was rather upset that she couldn’t remember going to kissing corner with her mom and I, and felt rather distraught that she could not recall that or telling her favorite joke in the O.R.

She’s doing quite well now now that she’s fully recovered from the medication.

Her back hurts pretty good, but she’s doing pretty well, considering. We’ll check back in with her tomorrow and see if she’s done any of the post-surgical checklist items necessary to get out. In the mean time, I’ve still got to figure out why Ty has had a fever for a week, and make sure its safe for him to go back to school and play football.