Storms… Texas is known for them, they can tear apart the most beautiful places in the world. Including your very own soul if you let them. We are no strangers to storms, we have chosen “most often” to lean on the Lord and look for the promise at the end of each and every one. But does it ever get old? Do I ever feel like all I blog about is the latest storm in the Rogers life. Do I ever feel like I would like to just jump off a boat into the sea of raging waters. YES!!! I think you all know the term… “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Yes…we are, but how are we going to deal with it? I know that the Lord has chosen to let our storms keep raging… Yet He has also chosen to calm the hearts of our family.

I have been battling with migraine headaches for as long as I can remember. I am blessed that my husband has loved me through them our entire marriage. I look hot when I have them… NOT! I wish I was one of those woman who pulled off sick… I look like Texas road kill!  The last two weeks I have had more migraine days then not. Having Minnie being sick, being in the  hospital and  many sleepless nights … I thought, “well no wonder!”  Yesterday I ended up in the ER, much to my dismay. I try really hard not go to the hospital EVER . I have  many reasons, most of which is I hate to go to the hospital. “SURPRISE”  But this headache was different then my normal migraines.  I had the most amazing ER trip, the doctors at Round Rock Seton Hospital, provided a diagnosis, rather than just a prescription.  For the first time ever, left an ER knowing what was wrong with me. I am not excited about the diagnosis but am happy that we may be able to calm these migraines.  The doctors told us that I have what is called a Pseudotumor Cerebri. In short my body “thinks” I have a tumor.. ( this is where I say just like Arnold.. “it’s not a tuma!”) and you all laugh! It is kinda scary, I could go blind if this is left untreated.  We are seeking out the best doctors and the best option to go further.  I had a spinal tap yesterday which caused a spinal leak that causes an instant headache if I stand, sooo I am laying flat for 24 hours hoping I feel better tomorrow.

This I know is true… My daughter ROCKS, having my spine tapped into hurts so bad… I can not even image her pain. Minnie’s port was just used to take labs! It worked, praise GOD. She is healing from her latest infection, she would like to go to school more… So many doctor appointments, and would LOVE to go to PE. She is learning that her body has limits. This is hard for me as a 32 year old woman to come to terms with yet she is learning and we are working on finding joy in the limitations! She said to me ” at least I can walk Mommy… I could not in the hospital and I can now…” She is looking for joy. I am trying to guide her the best I can.

This I will tell you friends… if you never have a storm, you will never see a rainbow.  And if you believe there is always a treasure at the end of that rainbow. Just keep running towards it, and in to the arms of The One who made us.