Football is an honest game.
It’s true to life. It’s a game about sharing.
Football is a team game. So is life.
-Joe Namath

My Boy… He has embraced life in  Texas to the fullest. He was made for this state, he loves the bugs, the heat, he loves the people, I promise he was born a “true” southern baptist preacher and he loves his football. I really believe he loves his team mates just as much as he loves playing the game. I have never seen a kid with so much natural team spirit. Lifting up his team mates is his true strength. As well as learning how to lead them in prayer. His Daddy and I could not be more proud than the first time Ty lead his team in prayer. Each day he is showing such spiritual growth!! (secret mommy smile… he is going to turn out okay!!!) Watching him work so hard at each practice and then at the games and coming off the field with a smile is amazing!

This week was Homecoming, most of you in the North remember this from high school. Hear in the South Homecoming is a big deal even for the little guys. They have the boys, and mom’s and girl’s wear this thing called a “mum”.

The history is from what I understand the” mum” was first introduced into the United States during colonial times. Three hundred years later the popularity grew and mums were “Queen of the Fall Flowers.”
For many of us in the South, and for virtually all Texans, our introduction to the mum was a corsage for the girlfriends and mothers at Homecoming football games. The boys wear their mum corsage on their left arm. I put a picture of Ty’s “mum” at the top of the post our amazing team mom made all of the boys one. Jessie has made it impossible for anyone else ever to be a team mom. She has it so together, and has made this football season so easy. I love her!

While I am talking about homecoming… Have you ever walked into someones house and right way felt like you were at home? Like you could take your shoes off sit on the couch and have a good conversation with a old friend? Even if it was the very first time you ever went to that persons home before? This is how coming home should feel… I am sure many of you have visited a few churches in your day, for Josh and I it has been a few to many.  Just recently we started a class at church in town when walking in to the church it was like a homecoming… before we new it the kids were in Awana’s, I was volunteering and we were going to Sunday mornings. You know what else Round Rock, Texas all of a sudden has gotten to fill like a small town. What a blessing.

So from Football, to Mums to homcoming it’s all wrapped up in….

So is life