I know what y’all are thinking…. Ya right! I thought I was never ever going to see snow again, remember I am the City Chick that gave away all of my “snow clothes” & “winter clothes” anything that you would need to wear in weather above say 70 degrees… Because well I must of thought Texas was part of the tropics…


Well Some would say my kids live a “charmed” life.  (They may not really know our life story) But if you look at it from the perspective of everything else besides Minnie being sick… They do! A lot of the “charmed” parts have come in spited of the fact that she has been ill for so long.  The Lord has used so many people, organizations, & random acts of blessings just because we are “blessed”.  I know that sometimes looking in from the outside gets foggy but from the way we see things, the Lord has clearly planned some blessings to cushion ache.

One of those “charmed Blessings” came last weekend when our Neighborhood blew in snow, so the kids could go Sledding!  Ty and Minnie had a blast, just in time to there little hearts have been missing home and the snow was just the right thing!!!  I hope you love the slide show….


I also had a “charmed blessing.” My friend Stephanie sent me “Fall.” She took 4 leafs from her back yard in Medford and mailed them to me…. I have been so homesick it was just what I needed too… Thanks friend.