So I thought I would post a few raw and uncut pictures of our trip… I am forever going through our picture like a photographer, deleting the bad keeping the good… So guess what when my kids grow up they will have a perfect life! I have not done this intentionally I really never even thought about it. I am realizing a lot in the past few weeks. So many of the kids early memories are not really memories of there own. Maybe for some people but for Minnie most of her memories are taken from photo’s. So do I want them to have a realistic memory of there childhood? So when reality hits when they are parents on Christmas morning and they are taking picture’s and they look at them and wrapping paper is every where… And they say? what the heck it was never like that at moms… and what they did not know was I photo shopped it out!! Or in every picture there kids have snotty noses and crap on there shirts… and they think oh mom will hate this picture, we were always so clean! But what they did not know was I photo shopped them clean!!

My favorite aunt just told me a story about a mom who draw’s this picture of her family her “perfect family” for everyone to see.. She erase it when something bad happens and draws it back to what she want’s people to see. So one day the mom had to put down the markers and give over her picture to the Lord. Trusting that he has the plans. She tell’s it so much better maybe if we are lucky we will get her to share it! It’s never ending.. I understand this story I photo shop out a lot… I delete out even more… So with faith and trust….

Josh’s forever pose because he is a poser!

Are you kidding I might have given Minnie a camera but you bet I told her exactly how and where to use it!!

The wind does blow and screw up my hair!! And yes Vanity, Vanity! I keep making the poor person who cannot speak English keep taking picture’s till he get’s it right!

Keep the sun behind you! I a a photographer I should know this!!! I screw up pictures all the time!!!

Rach in the raw!!! I can’t even blame looking like this on surgery! I look like a freaky Chihuahua!! With a Awesome Jelly Belly Hat on! But my kids loved me! Josh thought I looked awesome, and my friends all love that I make them look hot!! So again I always have y’alls back!!

Minnie has had it this is the last leg of the trip, we are almost home!! They were so excited!

Ty looks so big! I could not help myself! And look at the car friends! HA I was able to travel with a mess!!! I have to breath in a brown bag!!! but I did it!!