Right Again

Would you like to know of a time when I thought I was right? As a teenager , I know that I am right all of the time. I am right because a scientific study shows adolescents frontal brain is disconnected between the ages of 11 to 21. Because of this scientific fact I don’t have the ability to reason with you… I am always right just ask me!

All of you Mom’s out there know about the roll of the eyes and the “yes mom”. This was your choice… Right again! For that I am sorry you are always wrong. But there is a bright side to raising a teenager like….. ummmmmm okay there is not! But have no fear we are like puppies we all grow up!
Just because we don’t have mental soundness we arnt stupid (i spelled are`nt wrong on purpose), and to all the other adolescents out there. Quit messing with your parents because if you keep making those face’s your face might stay that way. Go look in the mirror. See I was Right again!!!


By Mr. Always Right, aka Ty