What a blessing my life has been. Not only have I seen the the Lord’s mighty hand work many times in my own daughter’s life, but I have been witness to the amazing life changing miracles that He has brought into the lives of countless others. Today is, and I am sure this is not by chance,  the birthdays of two of the most special warriors I know.

Many of you know Felix he is the little warrior of my Washington best friend Meg. He has been off of his Leukemia treatments for one year! Praise God! Felix has stared kindergarten this year is so exited to go snowboarding for his birthday and is bringing hope to childhood cancer. His mom is an amazing warrior mama who is daily teaching me that being who the Lord made me is totally radical. She teaches me that being on my knees praying is the best place to be and that the Lord’s everlasting faithfulness is never-changing. Happy birthday Felix!

Clara is our forever friend that we made in the hospital last year! It is amazing to me that only one year ago we were celebrating with her! Clara has a disease called Juvenile Dermatomyositis. This is something that she has to get chemotherapy and high dose steroids for. She is getting better and stronger. She is so much better than she was last year when we met her! Clara is a fighter and so is her Mommy. They have, in the first year that she has been diagnosed, had a huge fund raiser for Cure JM. They have also brought toys to Scottish Rite for the kids for Christmas. This family is spreading the love and miracles that they have received right back. They inspire me to want to do the same. I know that the Lord brought me Stacy as she is one of my “Forever Friends” too.   I am a blessed, blessed woman to have you Stacy…. Happy birthday Clara!