Really… I think I may have been one of “THOSE” babies you know… “THOSE” babies that have “coke” in their baby bottle. You see my mom loved me… She knew that coke was going to give me a better life. So she started me right away… Forget formula Coke was cheaper and I loved it!!! why wait… Not like I was much better… I only waited till my kids could use a straw! It was one of the happiest days of my life when I could share my diet coke with my baby…

Today is one of the saddest days… I am trying to “get off” the coke… I really feel like I might need a twelve step program.
You laugh… I am not kidding. I went to the Cyropractor today, he said “the coke” was bad for my heath… so I thought I would look into it… this is what I found.

Apparently diet coke can cause Asthma… Do I need my lungs? Unfortunately, Unforgivably and Unforgettably Yes!..
It can Dissolve my teeth… I am going to need fake teeth one day soon anyway right??? This is cost effective right!
Kidney issues… I already have this… opps…. All I can say is this sucks!

Okay really read the dang picture, I got the point… I am only telling you because misery loves company, and I am miserable. I need a team od diet coke cheerleaders that is y’all’s job… Got it!!!

So go team no diet coke Rach!!!