Can you image being Mary? The mother to our Lord. Do you think that she prayed daily for her son? I do, I am sure that our Lord faced all of his battles with his mothers prayers. I am sure that when he was sacrificing his life for us his mom was praying for his suffering to end. I am sure when he was leading the disciples that his mom prayed for his ability to lead. I want to be a “Mary Mom”. I want to pray ahead for my son, I want to know how to effectively pray each day for this man that God has entrusted to me.

A challenge to pray for 21days for my son. I feel honored that I get to pray for this young man. I feel blessed that there are other woman out there to feel the same. My son is amazing, he is smart, funny, kind, and courageous. He is a really neat person. He is also a teenager and is daily facing the world. I want him to be a Christ warrior, I want him to know that he is covered in prayer while he is growing in his faith. I need him to remember that he is in the Lord’s favor. I have a desire that he can lean on God when facing the daily challenge of growing up in today’s teen world.


I encourage all of my friends, family and myself  to take this challenge.  I wonder how next 21 days of there lives would be changed? I wonder how the next 21days would change us as moms.

                                                     “The fervent prayers of a righteous {mom} avail much.” James 5:17.

 How do we do this?

  1. Purchase your own copy of Warrior Prayers: Praying the Word for Boys in the Areas They Need it Most (just $2.99 on Amazon KindleNook, and as a PDF download!)
  2. Commit to praying for your son(s) or grandsons using the prayers from the book for 21 days straight (May 1-21, 2012).
  3. Sign up by linking to your “about” page if you blog, or by leaving a comment below stating your intention to participate.
  4. Come back here to the MOB Society on May 1st to begin the challenge. Our own Alle McCloskey will be leading us through the challenge, and posting daily encouragement for you as you pray. Watch the site (and the Warrior Prayers Facebook page) for more from her soon.


What are you waiting for little Mama’s! Follow the links above to join the Challenge… And let’s start changing our sons worlds one prayer at time!!