Emotion is a hard thing for me. So Menopause is like living in my own personal hell. I am not kidding… I thought that things were rough when I was a teenager… Try adding two kids one of which is an adolescent young man and has the whole world figured out already, a spouse who “understands” that I am “nuts”.  There is no book on how to go through Menopause in your 30’s… Well there might have been, but they made it out of chocolate and the only other 30 year woman in menopause ate it! Now I am left hanging out here hungry and not knowing what to expect next. I am sure Josh is expecting my head to start spinning and my kids are pissed that that lady ate the chocolate book because now Mommy might eat them if they don’t stop chewing there food anywhere near me because it is driving me insane.  Really, I am my own freak show. I am trying to keep my emotions in check and wouldn’t you know some will look at me and my whole freaking world is turned upside down. This has to stop because everyone in town keeps giving me dirty looks, and I KNOW everyone is talking about me.  I am not kidding people, how am I supposed to drive home without road rage after being LOOOOKED at like that!

It seems as though each and every day is a “different” Rach. I forget a lot what my body is going through and I’ll try to figure out why it is I am so “nutty” and when I am at my whits end I will remember… Not that it take the “nuttyness” away it’s just nice to know my rocker is still on the porch! “I think”