As I’m wheeled down the hospital hallway it’s a memory I will never forget. I was lying  in bed with a broken rod in my back. My doctor sent me to his fellow doctor in Dallas, Texas  so after the long drive we got to Doctor J’s office. He said I had to get a Halo. “No” boys not the game it’s a thing they screw into your head. In the waiting room for surgery out of the tip of my ear I heard “Madeline Rogers” , The most terrifying sound my name. It was time for my Halo. When I woke up I had  the worst migraine. I was so sorry for my Mom she had to sleep sitting up because I was sleeping on her. A week later I was spinning around and around and around! My Dad always got worried that I would fall.  Soon I didn’t see my dad or big brother for a month… On February 22 the day came for the biggest mad most terrifying surgery in my life.  As I woke up from surgery my legs were num I tried  again and again , I could not sit up. Day after day I learned how to walk again. On April 1 Doctor J said your going home! My mom and me said ” are you joking!” when he said no we cheered with excitement! In my mind I said this is a memory I will never forget.

 Written by Minnie