This has been the fastest two weeks ever! Minnie and Ty started school, They love it! We have had football and cheer practice three times a week. These three days are the hottest days of the week ever. Just sayin…. it is freaking hot “STILL”, it might never cool off. (and when it does… I will complain about that too!)

Minnie has been in the hospital since Wednesday. She has an infection, she is doing amazing and will hopefully go home soon. She will go home on two different IV antibiotics that she will stay on for a month or more. This will hopefully insure that we will not have to remove her rods or her central line.

The doctor has told her that she can only cheer from her wheelchair… She is super excited to be a cheerleader and I am praying that she will be accepted as she is. As you can see below she is so SUPER cute!

I will post more as I know more! Thank you for your prayers