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My very first post to the Rogers family site I used this quote, I did so because I wanted to insure when people came here that they knew they would find more than the newest updates on Madeline or what was going on with our life here in Texas.  I know y’all are waiting for Movember! Maybe a prayer request from my heart or that of a friend… I am sure those of you who know me did not expect me to be passionate about politics. But I am and I do have a opinion; that I know y’all are not surprised about! I do feel like when most voters are casting their vote it may come down to a few key issues. For me a president needs to value human life, He needs to feel like all children are a gift. Even those who may come at a unexpected time. Or ones like Madeline… If Obama was president when I was pregnant with her, he would not think she was valuable enough to save, that thought makes me sick. I am going to leave you a blog archive on the Obama campaign and I encourage y’all to educate yourself before you vote. Also …..
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The way I see isn’t necessarily the way you see it, or the way it is, or ought to be. What’s more important is that we’re all looking for it, and for a way to see it.

~Desi Di Nardo