I want to spank someone else’s kid…. Probable not a good thing.  Maybe I should spank the parent of this child.  I am trying to control my Mama bear rage as justified as I feel I know that the Lord would want me to keep it to myself. Or maybe he wouldn’t  maybe he would want me to use this as a way to show his love through the way I react to the fact that some one else’ s kids is ill mannered.  But what I really want to do is shoot daggers right through the heart of another mother. I am horrible….

Today I spent the day at the kids school weighing and measuring the mass of children of Teravista.  We only did a third of the school, that’s right I still have two more days. I am crazy but I love being around the school just in-case my kids need me.  Today I got to see both of my kids classes. When I was measuring Ty he told me that another student told him “that he wanted to blow his head off”. OMG, really fourth grade. Now boys can be boys a different student called him a “fart bag” I am not pissed at this kid Ty probably is a “fart bag“.  But I am really upset about “blowing my kids head off” because kids do blow each other up these days. And it really scares me. I have made the choice to send my kids to pubic school, and with that choice comes the real fact that there is danger.  I talked very calmly to the teacher and told her that it was not acceptable.  She had a class discussion about community and what not, took recess away, but is this enough?

But would anything have happened if I was not at the school today? I am not sure and that is really bothering me.  So now what, do I take this further and say more to the principal and over run the teacher? Or do I go straight to the MOM…. Because I can go all PTA MOM and well you all know me.  Or do I leave it and let God.

I don’t think I am doing this challenge right. I am supposed to fine a way to praise God in everything, so let me try…

Thank you Lord for letting me be at the kids school today, wear I am able to be apart of there lives in a real way and make an impact on a daily basis.  Thank you Lord for giving me  kids that trust me to tell me when they have been hurt by words and that they are not the kids using words to hurt. Please Lord keep that strong conviction in there hearts to keep there words kind. I praise you for giving me Ty and Minnie and for them Loving you.

And that I did not spank someone else’s kid!