I have the honor of meeting some of the most amazing woman in my life. Janice is one of those woman. I have only met her once, and once was all it took to know that she has a tender soul and is perfect for this mission the Lord has called her on. She is a dear friend of my Mama in law… what a neat, neat life I live that I get to see and meet so many people. Janice and her family have been called to Portugal to a place… more like a palace called the Haven where they get to minister to Missionary families while they take some time to rest. She is perfect for this! Oh how I hope the Pettit family find themselves there at some point. Amanda and Janice would be fast Best friends. The Whitings family is still fund raising if you feel lead I am leaving a link to there family blog. Please email them directly. I love Missionary families as a community we can reach so many through the support of the Whitings family!