Minnie had a long day at the hospital, we started out at eight AM. I think we may have met half of the staff at Scottish Rite! After the admission possess was finally over they let our girl out with a one night pass! We got back to the Ronald Mcdonald House at five PM!  She has to check back in at five AM! Her surgery is not scheduled till eleven-ish but apparently it is important to be around just in case they might have the off chance off getting you in a little early.

She is in mostly good spirits just a little nervous.  And has had a few tears, she really is amazing.

Josh is reading the bible out load to us all, all the time. Only that man would know just the right way to calm all of our hearts at one time.  He is amazing.

Ty is being ten ^o^ I say that with the most mommy love in the world.  I wish they had football for him to play here!  He has so much energy.  How do mommy’s of all boys do it?  Really we are so lucky he can run and push her in her wheelchair way longer than we can! Good news is Ronald Mcdonald House also serve’s three meals a day… this is very good news if any of you have ever seen how much this boy eats!  What a blessing!

Ty has been coughing.. we are sure it is his allergies but it is sending me right over the edge.  They are very sensitive to any kind of illness here. It would be amazing if the Lord could send an extra measure his way and take this cough from him.

I love you all and will have Joshua or myself post as soon as we can after surgery tomorrow!