Proud… That is the word that comes to mind when I think about our friends The Pettit’s.   I have the image of the Lord talking to them one day saying… “well done my good and faithful servants”.  The thing about The Pettit Family is that they first asked the Lord for direction, then they are still and quite and listened for his voice, and after they hear him they act.

And boy do they act!! The Lord told the Pettit’s that they were going to be Missionaries. It almost takes my breath away, this little family sold everything they owned! REALLY, Amanda had a garage sale in her house! And off they went, first to El Salvador and now they are in Haiti! I have had the blessing of getting to hear about the amazing adventures that they have been on.  They are my constant inspiration to keep things simple, stay out of debt just in case the Lord wants to send The Rogers Family on the mission field.

The light in the eyes of The Pettit Family have gotten brighter and brighter since they begun being Missionaries in Haiti. The passion that they have is an example of how passionate the Lord fills about each and every Haitian. It is amazing the instant love that they have for the people of Haiti.

When you have friends who are excited about the Mission they have been chosen for it is contagious. I can’t help but feel excited about the Haitian people!

I heard in one of the books we recently listened to that we are loud… We have noise continually coming at us from every direction. From the Radio, I- Pods, Television to yes even books on tape. I wonder if we took time to listen to our Lord what he would say? Where would he send us? Who would we become? If we just listened….

I am thankful that I have The Pettit Family to lead by example. Now I am going to jump on the opportunity to listen to My Lord…

Eternity with their families! Because one family listen and acted! You can follow The Pettit Families journey in Haiti by reading their blog.