How do they make it with out you Lord? I had a hard time pulling myself up this morning just know I’d have to answer Minnie’s tiny little voice saying she did not want to do this any longer. What would I do if I could not help her turn her worries and fears to you? I understand Lord why families divorce now, this is hard and sad. There is hurt, anger sadness. Pain is all around us, all day everyday. When is it ever going to get better or will it ever? My heart is breaking not only for myself but for this hospital everyday. You are a faithful God, how is it that you are all around but people can not see you at work. You are mending Minnie’s body each day, you are a Great Physician. Heal the eyes and souls of the people around us.

I have been blessed by meeting a Mommy in the hospital recently who shared with me a bit about herself and her family. She first touched me by telling me how she felt blessed that she was not in my shoes. And that she felt so blessed she was not me! Then she went on to tell me she felt blessed that she was not going to have to be in the hospital for as long as us… I to am happy she does not have to be here that long! Then she told me how she was in a accented that took the life of her 9 year daughter and made her son paralyzed from the waist down. I just looked her…. and with great surprise I said…. I have two kids that are ALIVE…. walking and breathing…. I AM BLESSED…. I am the one that does not want to be in your shoes sweet little mama…. but you see I looked at her and I asked if she believe in the Lord right…. and she said yes….

This is the difference… Not that it is easy or make it better or any really makes the pain any less…. But when You have Jesus on your team he can share your pain he will help carry it. When you feel like you have been kick in the gut so much you need to puke, he will hold your hair. He is a God who is there when you call on him. He answers when you knock. And he Forgives. It is amazing Grace… I know that sounds cliche but it is true. You don’t have to walk though life’s battles without a shield.

Take sometime and ask our heavenly father to protect you… he has big big arms… and a big big house…