We are so thankful to the Lord, We  know that it is only by his grace that Minnie is healing and where she is today. Jesus is The Great Physician and He had the ultimate intervention that has brought her little body from… Not walking to… walking… from bent to straight… from unable to digest food to being able to digest food… from not able to breath on her own to able to breath. She is a product of the Lord, a miraculous work. He has used many men and women… Thankful men and women that have been skillfully trained. But I believe that the Lord has given each one of those men and women a gift.

By now the word has spread through the grape vine that us girls have made it home! And it was not an April fools day prank… all though it was the best day EVER! And I will never ever forget going home on the first of April. Thinking back in time, to 10 years ago… April first is when my sister in law Casey and I thought it would be best to BOTH brake the news to our mother-in law that we were both expecting the girls. So I am claiming April first to now be a day of happiness and truth! Not of fooling or joking!

So we are home… Now what? Minnie has been to the doctor already! Yes, no rest for the wicked or weary. Our pediatrician feels it would benefit her to do home bound study for the rest of the school year. Why? You wonder? She feels Minnie has not been exposed to the germs in school this year, along with the fact that any infection or temp that she does get will give her a ticket back to the hospital because it is an unknown  …. source. (We wouldn’t know if it was a normal kid fever, or a infected rod fever that requires the hardware in her back to be removed) Really I feel like I am taking something away from her by not sending her back to school, but I feel even stronger that if she got put back in the hospital we might all go crazy so we might as well play it safe.

I can not tell you how good it is to be home. I am sorry it has taken me so long to post. I have so much to say, nothing I write feels adequate to the relief and joy I feel. I feel like I should have words flowing from me to describe how I feel but right now I am so tired. I got home and wrapped myself with Josh and finally just cried and cried, and then I cleaned and cleaned and I have slept and slept. I think I might have to do that over and over. I watched my son play football! And I cooked dinner for my family, but much more than that is making my head spin. I feel like such a drama queen and I hate that. I will sure try and get over myself soon, y’all know how I hate drama.

All in all every one is doing amazing. Minnie is eating… Ty is playing football for his mama! and Josh and I are back to holden’ on to each other! Life just does not get much better than this. I am working on a slide show so if you are waiting to see some pictures it won’t be much longer.

Please keep praying for us… it is going to be a long healing process for Minnie and the chance for infection of her rods is a big concern.

Guess What!!! My son scored hid first touch down on Saturday! I did not miss it!!!! Thank God for the Bigs things!