Minnie went home late yesterday. I apologize for not updating sooner but I had a lot on my plate last night with getting the girl settled in and how else can I say it being crazy about cleaning. Y’all know how I am the way I come down from the hospital is by getting the house scrubbed.  Minnie ate a good supper last night with her family, something about that dinner table… Maybe the hospital will let us bring one in to her room next time.


Minnie got to see the hospital clown yesterday, it made her so happy. I think it made both of them happy, Minnie told the clown how she wants to be a hospital clown, and a night nurse when she grows up, because she wants to make people happy. I think Minnie may of give that clown a reason to keep making kids happy FOREVER!


Aunt Rosie came to see Minnie yesterday as well… Good news! The prayers are working and Minnie was reading a book to Aunt Rosie.  Well truth be told Minnie read 7 books to her yesterday! AMEN!

I will make sure I keep you all in the loop, We see all of the doctors on Tuesday. After that we are hopeing Minnie will get to go back to school. She gets her Labs taken every Monday. Thank You! Thank You! For praying…