I had  one of those mornings when I thought I was a total rock star.  I got up at 3am, I rolled out of my house with Minnie in tow by 3:30. We were off.  We were going to Dallas to take pictures at a event to raise money to find a cure for Clara, I was so excited! I had already put my location into my GPS the night before all I had to do was turn it on and roll out of the driveway.  I drove for 3 and a half hours …. I was so excited ! I was going to be 15 min early!!! I would be able to put my makeup on and go potty.  I look around the sun is just now shining and the GPS says “your destination is on your right”….. LIES!!!!!  I went the wrong way… I can’t even tell you, I was next to a farm, on a dirt road, in the middle of west Texas. I am not kidding!!  I just drove for three and a half hours not even knowing I was going the WRONG WAY…. When I figured out that I was not a … hum.. Rock star, I was 4 hours from my the intended location. I was ready to give up.  I  turned around, stopped the car, and called Josh. He laughed then gave me awesome husband advice, keep going, make something of you day.  And I did… I kept going even though I had four more hours to drive…Can you believe it! Texas is so big… I really thought I was going the “back way” I am still shaking my head!

I am so glad I kept on keeping on. I got to be apart of something AMAZING and  Minnie got to meet some of her prayer warriors. The day was so special. The Lord always has us in the hospital at the right time.  Each time we have  an  opportunity to share his love, grace, mercy. It never fails that we meet someone that changes us forever. Clara’s family are pieces of our Scottish Rite Family.  We spent months learning, loving, crying, together.  I learned that you do need someone to hold your hand. Stacy held mine! And  her family became voices through my blog that encouraged me with every post I made. They became some of Minnie’s prayer warriors. Thank you all.

This event to raise money to find a cure for Clara was so amazing! Stacy you inspire me to be awesome!