When the going gets tough… Mama stops blogging. I really check out of most everything other than what is directly impacting our lives at those tough moments in time. I think it is part of putting armor on… getting ready for battle. Or It is because I am a headcase! Take your pick (^_^)
Laying in bed this morning praying I realized how much more prayer our family would be getting if I just shared instead of checking out.

Josh’s family walked their Matriarch into heaven last week. It was a hard week for his family. “Big Mema”, (we called her) was so loved and cherished by everyone who met her. Josh and I feel blessed that we moved to Texas and have gotten to spend time with her. And that our kids have memory’s of their Big Mema. Big Mema’s service was perfect. I can only strive to live my life the way she did, and for people to stand and say the things that were spoken of her at her service. She was a great woman.

Along with this, Minnie is having a really rough time right now. Since her rod has been removed, her scoliosis has increased drastically. She has been in a lot of pain. We took her to a  pain specialist who has put her on a Fentanyl patch for pain and a medication called Neruontin for nerve pain. This seems to be really helping. She has had two back brace’s made now, we are waiting for the second one to come in. She seems to really like to wear the brace. She has an appointment in Dallas to see a surgeon again, on Friday the 3rd of Dec. We have been back to her surgeon here in Austin three times he feels like it is time to do the definitive procedure, but the specialist and facility in Dallas are really the best option for her.  We need prayer that all of the Doctors in both locations get on the same page. And they can quickly, safely, make a care plan to start helping her.

[Daditor’s note: ideally, we’d have our Surgeon in Austin, Dr. Williams, in Dallas to help with the surgery, then we can rely on the established specialists and therapists at that facility for rehab]

As we are going through this time with Minnie I have been looking through the scriptures for the Lord to whisper is me. I am feeling kinda overwhelmed this time around for some reason. Anyway. This is what I would like to share today….

…Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.” Luke 8:50…

These are powerful words. Can you image standing next to Jesus, obviously afraid; and he looks at you and says…
“Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.” So what does Jairus do? His response speaks of the way he looked at the Lord. The world around him laughed but did this daddy just trust God right away…? This family in the Bible did have their little girl touched by God and she rose up and her spirit returned. But the Lord asked them not to speak about this to anyone? Why?

I wonder how it got in the Bible if he asked them not to speak of it to anyone?   Maybe the Lord should of looked at Luke and told him not to write this part down. This is why I think the Lord did not want them to share their story.  The world sees things different. I think even sometime us Christians see the Lord’s word and forget that it is a living word, as you are growing it is growing with you. With this story I feel like the Lord knew that future parents would hold on to this verse as though they could “believe enough in him, that He would heal their child” but sometimes there children die. It happens all the time, children are dieing and parents do believe the have faith that the Lord is going to heal their baby, their child. I really think if we should look at this verse like this:

[Rachaphrased] Don’t be afraid; she is healed, and she has rose up, and her spirit returned.

This is a perfect picture of a child of the Lord going to heaven. And if we are not afraid; and just believe, our children will believe as well.

I am sure that you understand this is my interpretation of how I understand this verse, in no way am I re-writing the Bible.