I am on a quest, a soul searching heart wrenching, passion filled quest. I am tired of feeling hopeless, insecure, and afraid. I don’t want to feel broken or imprisoned.  I am ready to search my soul and find JOY, HOPE  and HEALING and I am ready to become FEARLESS.

The problem is I don’t know how…  I know I am searching, I am yearning, I want to be amazing.  They way I am beginning to become these thing’s is by learning from the amazing woman God has given wisdom to.  I hope that you can gleen some Wisdom, Choose JoyHopefully feel totally restored and ready for Healing and then at the end of it all become Fearless.


The Fearless Experiment

Find out how I learning to become Fearless on this amazing Personal blog

We are in the fight of our lives ladies. The enemy hates us and would like nothing more than for us to lived caged, confined, and imprisoned in our fear and insecurities. We just cannot be ok with it anymore. We were created strong, beautiful, confident, brave, fun…









…Everyday I have a choice: I can let these things bring me down…. Or I can Choose Joy and just be thankful that I am hear.


Hope is the beautiful little seed that must be planted to grow anything and everything that we could ever yearn for in this life. Everything starts in our hearts and minds as an idea…..and the next big step is HOPE….hope that it is possible…


beauty from the broken places

Find out how I am healing myself… becoming beautiful and using my broken pieces on this personal blog.

….healing comes in layers for me. and just when i feel that my heart has been healed from the broken places, everything cracks wide open and the healing goes to a completely different layer. a layer in my heart that i didn’t even know was there before.


Thank you to the amazing, fearless, hope-filled, full of Joy woman who are helping me heal my spirit.

Lindsey, Lu  and Heather from Fearless Experiment, Melody and Kathy from Brave Girls club, Wendy from A girl and her brush and Ashely at Lil Blue boo