Take a moment… or a few to think back to your bedroom as a 10 year old little girl. I can remember mine only because with each vision also comes my mothers voice saying ” I hope one day you’ll have a daughter… JUST LIKE YOU”. Not trying to be sac religious, but OMG. REALLY MOM!!!! I have been blessed, with a little girl who is a princess pig pin. I know you all LOVE her. ( Get over it! ) For one post this Mom has had it. I spent my whole day cleaning out her pig pin… I am sure this must stem back to the fact Minnie’s imaginary friend was a “house keeper”. She really never learned how to clean ( so I taught her how today by doing it myself why she was at school…) I AM MY MOTHER!!! Again OMG! No wonder she thought “Sally”( her imaginary house keeper ) came when she was sleeping or at school… SHE DID!

How many of you hear your mothers voice saying something wise, or unwise everyday? I am now getting to… YES… “that age” when I understand my mother. The best part is I love it! The better part is, if I remember this tiny bit of wisdom. I will remember someday Minnie will hear my voice and love it too.

I have my air conditioning on and my doors wide open!!! Yes, I am cooling the outdoors!