I am a writer…


I have a story my story that I have hidden in my heart out of the fear of failure… I have said so many times, I can’t write because I have horrible spelling or terrible grammar. It has been easy for me to hide… I don’t want to hide behind fear any longer. So today I am declaring to myself… I am a writer, I have asked myself a thousand times “what do you want to be” I forgot to look at “what I already am”. To me looking within myself and finding the “hidden treasures” of me is amazing.

For the next 15 days I’m participating in the GREAT WRITERS SERIES. If you’re interested, follow the link and start your journey to writing there.
Yesterday was Declaration Day. I had to work up my nerve to declare that I am a writer out load…not only to myself but to the rest of the world. But I am a writer, and I am so excited to say it out load…. Finally!