I wonder how many “hospital moms” or wives or friends are out there tonight? ( I know I totally sound like Delilah) But really for the last 10 years I have been a “hospital mom”  and I have been an awesome one. I was created to be Minnie’s mommy. I was created to live the last 10 years battling in the hospital and the Lord made me perfectly for it.  The thing is… She is better! PRAISE GOD!!! But who I have learned to be is lost. I know I am not alone. It might even be tabo to say it out load… but who am I now? I am sure there are many other “hospital moms” asking themselves the same question. When your child/husband/friend is sick you pour every ounce into helping them get better.  But what happens when life is all better, or even worse what happen when life just moves on? You have to find a new normal… What is my new normal? I keep praying, I keep asking the Lord to show me who he wants me to be. Who am I NOW? I have learn so much I am sure it was for a purpose… But what? I am going to keep seeking God’s direction. I know he has plans for me… outside of the hospital.  I hope I can listen to his mighty voice and follow.