I have for a long time look up at the skyscrapers and felt like I was missing out on something.  Is there something going on in these tall ominous buildings that is secret?  All the world sees is a brick facade being held up by the beautiful people walking in and out day in and day out. I am sure most of us spend time driving by these buildings and think about what is going on the inside.  Are people working, learning, living?  Are they eating? Are they on a date? Are they lonely?  These buildings that we drive by, that most of the people we know spend more time in then they do at home, have a story on the inside.  Look at the outside, look at the detail, and look on the roof.  Someone took the time to design and etch each corner and each window. This was not a building that was accidentally thrown together.  Men took time and love to build it.
All around the world you see the beauty of the Lord. Not only in the world that he created, but who can match his handy work… really. But the love that people put into building churches the places we go to worship is absolutely amazing.  Each time you come across a church it takes your breath away.   Then when they ring their bell, there is nothing like it.  Not a skyscraper in the world can match the majestic power that the house of the Lord holds.
It spoke to me that there are these two buildings both so beautiful. One a place of worship, and one a place of business.  To me it is a fine line in life that humans face. We are most certainly created to worship.  But who do you choose?