Are you still five generations when one of you is walking with the Lord?  I have been asking myself this for five months now. My whole life I have been one of something with this group of women. Most of my life has been one of four, till the magic moment when Minnie entered the “pack” and we became a set of five. The unspoken bond that we have carried because we are the what the family calls “the five pushy babes”.

Last night I was making Christmas ornaments for my family out of my Great Grandmas jewelry. I guess that’s why I have been thinking about her for days now. Great Grandma lived each day I can remember in pain… but never complained, always had a kiss ready, always ready to cook a meal for anyone or whip up a batch favorite cookies.

But the thing I remember the most is how she loved my Great Grandpa. She loved him with such passion it hurts to think that they are apart. She in the last years of her life was in a home, but when she would see him would light up and say “there is my handsome man”. She even would get mad at my Gram thinking she was stealing her man! They always held hands, you could tell she felt like she won the jackpot when she married him! She gave such a example of how to love your spouse.

My heart has been so torn to lose such such an amazing part of my “pack”. I am sure not as torn as Grandpa to lose his other half.

It is amazing, I know that my children have had the chance to meet and remember there Great-Great Grandparents. My son was amazing and stood and read the bible at his Great-Great Grandma’s service.  I have never been more proud of him then that day.  Minnie stood at the door and handed out the programs, they were both so grown up. There Great-Great-Grandma would of been so proud.

Holidays are weird, I want to wrap up my Gram so she does not have to feel this Christmas with out her Mom. I Hate that this is the first time I have to send a card to just Great Grandpa…. But I am so happy for Great Grandma that she is with Jesus for his birthday….

So that’s the positive. Great Grandma is singing with the angels on Christmas to our Lord.