I had a plan when we woke up on Saturday morning, we were going to take the kids to the pumpkin patch.  Well you might want to take a note… pumpkins are out of season in Texas so even if you find a farm that has a ” pumpkin patch” it is a fake.  It is not a good old north west muddy romp around till you find the best one. nope they are all good cuz Uncle Jason sent a truck down here from Seattle full of them!  But they had fun.. Rode horses went through a maze had home made ice cream. (Aunt Deenie, you were remembered and talked about, and the kids are requesting a repeat on the ice cream making.) After the excitement of the fake pumpkin patch we went on down the road. We were headed towards Johnson City and we came across a animal zoo of sorts….
We saw many different animals, Minnie’s favorite was the zebra, Ty’s was the Yak.
I think Josh and I both liked the Camel! How funny that she is posing and my family has the same expression… Weird, Just shows that God does have a sense of humor, because I can not be in a family photo he sent a camel to fill in for me…. At least He made her a happy Camel!!!

As you can see Minnie is feeling great, we went to Church today, I am Glad. He seems to know times that you need your cup filled… I am praying for a miracle, I know that there are millions of people that have houses for sell. I am reminded of that every time I mention to some one that “I just wish that the Lord would sell my house”. Logically I can look at things and compartmentalize and for the most part I have been doing really well.  These days I feel a like doing that is getting harder.  I  know that the Lord wants for Josh and I to see Him move in a mighty way. The problem is, His mighty way may not always be exactly what we are looking for.
I guess the miracle could even be me shutting my mouth and opening my eyes long enough to see Him….