Working Mama’s… I never understood you until this past week,  I thought I did, I really thought I did.  This was until I work my very first 40 hour week in 14 years.  Yes, I can hear y’all groaning!  I wonder if you know what everyone says to stay at home Mama’s. If you don’t let me help you out… It goes kinda like this. Strange new person will ask  “what do you do for a living”… Stay at home mama will reply ” oh nothing, I stay at home.” Then the said Strange new person will say…” oh that is by far the hardest job a woman can have…” as they roll their eye balls as far back as they can manage without each one getting frozen into place.

Now as a stay at home Mama, I typically fill up my days with volunteer opportunities, helping at the church, in this ministry or that. Never minding the endless hours of taxi cab driving I do. I always have time to do my laundry, clean my house, grocery shop, or to  cook… you name it I can fit it into my schedule.  My life is all about “fitting everything in.” But… I have always had the freedom to do it during normal business hours.  To fit whatever in when I feel like it, like when the kids are at school! Remember I said I thought I understood working Mama’s. Yes, I know y’all are rolling your eye balls REALLY far back into your heads. Maybe even shaking your heads at me the same time. I imagine you are also saying “Oh no she didn’t”… But I did, I have said it out load a thousand times. I have even blogged about how we need to understand each other.

If I was really lucky I could straighten up  I mean  hide our mess.

Please forgive me, I had no clue. I never imagined that I would feel guilty every second I was away from my family. It never occurred to me that I would  have to for go sleep so laundry could be completed, lunches made and maybe if I was really lucky I could straighten up I mean  hide our mess. Note, I did not say clean my house what working mom has time to clean?  My kids even went to school one day in moist pants. My husband, well he was really on his own. As for me, I had to give up sleep to iron my clothes everyday so I did not look how I felt.

When it came right down to it I felt ashamed.

How did I feel? I felt guilty, scattered,  most of all I panicked every time my phone dinged, afraid it was one of my kids hurt or sick and I would have to tell them that there was not a thing in this world I could do.  I felt like I could not fully complete anything and that I was half doing everything.  When it came right down to it I felt ashamed. I kept reflecting on all my friends who are working Mama’s, especially my friends who are single working Mama’s. I kept saying to myself “how in the world do they do this each and everyday?”  I felt pride for each one of my working Mama Friends, Sisters, Auntie’s or Mama’s.  Honestly working for one week showed me how little I truly understand about the life of a working Mama.

Can do Attitude

I am blessed by the sacrifice that so many woman make. I am thankful for my Mama-in-Law who always worked put food on the table clothes on the backs of my husband and brother-in-law. I am so thankful that she taught both of her boys hard work ethic, and the “can do attitude” that each of these men have.  I am thankful for my sister-in-law who goes to work everyday, helping to provide for my nieces.  So many moms, teachers nurses, doctors, pastors, real estate agents, all of the self made mama’s in my life.   Each one of these jobs is held by a Mama that I am proud of. There are so many jobs that Mama’s hold, if not for each one of them the world would stop.

Thank all you working Mama’s for teaching me, humbling me, and loving me in spite of my self centered self.