The first time my son told me he wanted his hair ‘dyed’ I almost ‘DIED’!!! No really! I am not saying that you have to change your tween’s appearance to do something with them. What I am saying is my son came to me one day and talk to me, and I listened. Listening to our tween’s is so important. I really think Ty was just telling me he need to be noticed a little bit more so I took some time to notice him! And he soaked it in. For your tween it maybe something totally different maybe it is a new kind of book or they want to try a food they have never wanted to try… By listening to the little things they become big things to our tween’s.




Hockey Night was awesome! We had so much fun, just the two of us. I don’t know about you but I find it hard to connect with my tween son sometimes.  This is an awesome way to yell and scream… Eat all the junk food you want and get to wear the matching hat your hubby won’t be caught dead in. I love to go to any kind of game with my tween son and he loves it too, maybe your tween will dig it as well!


Playing is getting harder and harder but cold hard cash is his favorite thing… So when we were camping last month I gave my tween a dollar to play in the dirt… YES! I payed him to get out of my hair for one hour! it totally worked. He even got into the action. I know it sounds bad but I will totally keep this in my back pocket for the next time I need a hour… of no tween talking!


Every tween has it in them to be a leader… they may just need some encouragement. My tween volunteered this summer at kids camp to be a Junior leader. He ROCKED! I am not kidding, I was kinda surprised at how awesome he was. I know that your tween with encouragement will rock leadership too! Kick him if you have too! It is so worth him coming home to tell you how hard it is to take care of kids and then kissing you!!!


This is so important at our house and if you are not dating your tween I suggest you ask him out this weekend. I love nothing more than to go out with my son, have him hold the door for me and order me dinner. I give him the money ahead of time so he can pay. This is practice, and I am so lucky that I get the first dates with this young man. I hope that you can take it from me. No matter what is going on in life you can take time to date your son or daughter. This picture is last January our daughter was in the hospital, she had been there a month I had not seen my son for three weeks. My husband brought up dinner and nice plates and had a hospital date with her while my son and I went out on the town. I even put on heals! Even in the toughest times we need to find time for our tween’s…. My son will never forget that I took him out for this date… it was his 11th birthday, and a night I will forever remember.

Tween years are going to kick us all around a little, but I bet we will have the time of our life if we start making memories now… I can’t wait…. Let’s Go!