Over the years I have spent countless hours doing Minnie’s hair. I was over joyed when I found out that I was having little girl and could not wait to do her hair! The day she was born I was not disappointed she came with a head full of black hair. From that day on she has always had a bow in her hair. I may even be a tad obsessive about her hair… Really, I know you are have a hard time believing that! But it it’s true.

I can tell you this, I was given the desire and joy of doing Minnie’s hair for a reason. I did not know until this season of my life. Having her little head in this halo is so hard to do her hair! It takes every bit of patience in me. But as you all know Minnie loves her bows and her hair even more than I do. So every night as I wash her little head and pour water over her head, then do her hair up in the most fancy ways I can think. I thank God for giving me this desire of my heart.

So dear friends think on this today. What is or has been the desire of your heart? I am sure that if you think on this you will find that the Lord has impacted your life in amazing ways.