I forgot to mention that Rachel’s cell phone only gets coverage on the top shelf of the tape and gauze cabinet in the supply room on the fourth floor, so…  no cell phone unless she’s holding her face just right.  Feel free to text message me, and I will pass along messages.

After work, I went to visit, and Minnie seemed like she was doing very well for a first day of recovery.  She’s hurtin’ pretty good, but is doing her very best to work with the PT’s, keep moving around, etc.  When folks come out of surgery, there are a handful of ‘mile markers’ you must clear before being released.

1) Vitals (we don’t send people home that aren’t stable!)
2) Urinate – Anesthesia puts a lot of your ‘systems’ asleep, and we need to know they woke up and work.
3) Bowel sounds/movement – same reason as #2, and tends to take a little longer some times
4) Pain management – If you’re heavily medicating to manage pain, you’re not ready to go, half because there could be some other underlying problem, and half because most folks don’t walk around their house in a bathrobe with a narcotics IV drip.

She’s cleared #1, and #2, and I believe #3 is ok, but not ‘documented’ yet.  #4 still needs some work.

I’m laying my money on a release late day tomorrow or early Thursday, but we haven’t heard any inclination from a Doctor yet, so we must wait and see.