Remember the show kids say the darnedest things? I  think I would rename it to MOMMY’s say the darnedest things… after our sweet babies do the darnedest things.  I have come to the realization the our kids must do weird and sometime upsetting things so we have “forever” memories. Tonight I will never forget my sweet cousin trying to tame her mane… We live in Texas after all us girls with curls have to “maintain”. I promise she never thought she would be maintaining her mane with PEE!!! No joke, of course the first thing I said was… I am so going to blog about this!

I am sure she is not the only one out there that has had a run in with something super gross… I have a hundred stories and the only reason why is because the things our kids do will forever make a memory. Good bad or indifferent… it is a good reminder to laugh at things a little more.

Number one boy rule is …if you do pee in a bottle you MUST tell your mommy.