Josh and I have been listing to books on tape. They all have taught me something… maybe not what the author had in mind but none the less I have walked away each time chewing on a thought for quite sometime. This last book was Management Secrets: Proven tools for Personal and Business  by Warren Buffett. I am sure I should have walked away with amazing business ideas. Instead I walked away with conviction of heart. One of the things he said is not new to anyone.. We tell our kids all the time “you are judged by the company you keep”.  I have amazing friends… what a blessing, you have all heard about them, I love to brag on each of them. I have friends that lift me up in prayer, uplift my marriage, offer parenting advice (that I want) and over the years have made me a better friend. I have older woman in my life that I LOVE, that I learn from and that I hope I can be like when I grow up.  These women  have marriages that I strive for, and kids that I hope mine turn out like.  I think my conviction of heart is… by being careful about the company I keep I will in turn  have something I can really teach my kids. Leading by example at their age is imperative. The one friend we all need to “keep around” is the Lord. when he is walking with us daily it is very easy to be keeping the right company.