So, flashy new blog, but leaving comments isn’t too obvious?!? Unfortunately, part of being able to change the look and feel of the site via a theme is the way comments are left changes a little. Take a look at this ‘messy desk’ theme below:


You’ll notice the red circle (just in the picture above) around the cute little note posted in the upper right above the post. The image is supposed to look like a dialog balloon you might see in a comic strip. Something that might depict a ‘comment.’ If you were to click on that balloon (it won’t work here because its a screenshot), it would take you to the comments of the post. Lets take a look at the current theme, ‘New Years Eve’. We have two places for comments. In the sidebar, there is a ‘shout out’ area to leave a quick note on the front page. Kind of like a guest book.

Here you can ‘drop a line’ by clicking on the link below all the other comments.

Once you click on the link, it will open a text box waiting for your comment.


The other location you can leave a comment is on each post individually. On the front page, the comments don’t show, you have to open a post by clicking on its title to see the post along with its comments. If you decide you want to comment on a post, click on the ‘comments’ link, which may be different depending on the theme. In this one, it says ‘comments’. In the ‘messy desk’ theme above, it was the image of the comment dialog with the number 4 in it (for the number of comments on that post). Here’s an example:


And when you click on ‘No Comments’:


You’ll see a textbox where you can type in your comment. Hope this helped. Feel free to ‘test it out’ below.